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This was the last trip for the 2201A.  The unit burned out a traction motor blower on a trip from Glenwood MN to Superior on the Brooten Line.  At that time that's all it took to scrap a covered wagon.  Unit was shipped to Mpls. dead in tow for storage until scrapped.  The DM&IR Engine 301 was being evaluated by the Soo Line.  The unit was rebuilt by the Missabe and the Soo was evidently interested in its performance.  The determining grade going East on the Brooten Line was East of Genola.   I used to keep track of what the speed was on the hill out of Genola on a tons per horse basis.  For what we had that trip it should have been 11 mph, on this trip with the 301 it was 16 mph.  Quite an improvement.  The Missabe Roundhouse Foreman told me that it had the large traction motors in it rather than what was originally in it. 

Most everyone dreaded using Missabe Power because it was geared  for drag service.  It was rated for all day at 5 mph in throttle eight.  Most Soo jeeps had a fast start switch that made switching on yard engines very fast.  Missabe units were slow to build amps and that made them slow to move.  The Soo rented Missabe Units whenever they could.  The DM&IR 301 was the first unit that the Missabe rebuilt this way.   No one ever kept track of what they did or how they did the modifications to the 301.  When the Missabe did an additional unit they had to look at the 301 to see how they did some of the modifications. 

I know of one time that two Missabe Units were used in helper service out of Superior on the Chicago Division, Superior to Hillcrest.  They were part way up the hill when the Engineer on the lead units wanted to stop and cool the traction motors off because they were exceeding the short time ratings for the units he had.  The helper Engineer told him to shut off and he would shove him up the hill.  That's what he did too, at five mph.


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